Martes, Hunyo 7, 2011


Ni Roch Abadilla

I can preDIKYA gona HUG OTher's arms. tuLUG AM I? no, i'm not sleeping. Dreaming, maybe yes.. I was dreaming that I see the KUYUKOTest face i've ever seen. but hADHIKAm closer, i wouldn't be wanting to see you dLUWALHATIn (dwelleth in) my place.

there is a pain in MAHAR LIK A spear thrown to my chest... and the blood, sHALINGHING (sailing in) my veins is ALING AWN GAWing (ailing on going) beyond what's ADHIKAting, like an addiction of PANI BUG HOvering (funny bug hovering) in the meadows... but there's a PUL OT... "PUK YU" TAN (pull at... f^ck y@u than) any other phrases... and its always pulling me back.

being with coNAN GANG A LUM AT A (being at Conan Gang, a loom at a) crowd has BAN AL (been all) my greatest fear.. but having croPEK, LATte, and a dash of grains makes a MAN AN A NGGAL (man and a gal) go together and makes me grin inside.

2 komento:

  1. Naku, nahirapan akung umintindi dito.. hehehehe..

  2. kailangan ko muna e-marinate ang utak ko dito..hehe